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Court Visit Report

While completing the graduation in Law, students are given an assignment to write about their visit to a court in their country. Students, who are incapable to write, hire the assignment writing service of experts. The court visited in Hong Kong is the High Court of Justice and it is also the Court of Appeal in Hong Kong. The court was the higher court of first instance in criminal cases. The High Court of Hong Kong has both appellate and original jurisdiction, and it can both hear appeals and try cases. The layout of the court was designed in such way that there is sitting for judge at the front of the court, on the right side there was jury sitting and on the left side, there was witness box. The entrance of jury and witness was located near to their sitting area. There is sitting for the clerk deputy, who sits on forth of judge’s table while there was round table placed as sitting arrangement for a defense solicitor on right side and prosecutor fiscal on left side. The public and press sitting were isolated from the main layout of the court with a small fence and both public and press sitting arrangement were isolated from each other to maintain the identification. Initially the atmosphere of the court had been noisy, but later it was changed into bit formal and tensed environment due to criminal trial procedure.

The case heard was a murder case of an industrialist. Since many hearings of the case were already done and the trial was focusing on new questions to be answered. During the case, there were a number of issues and questions that the court came across. The most significant of the issue was that the murderer had been pointed one of the individual, who claimed to be one of the relative of the victim and held him responsible for the accident. Moreover, FIR was registered for an accident by the family of the victim, but after an autopsy, the report suggested that the victim was murdered. During the hearing, the most important issue was to find the answer of the question about the murderer’s claim.

Overall advocacy of the court was written and there was less verbal conversation. Since I had never been to a court and had always seen the court in movie or play, I had expected the advocacy more like a debate competition where two different parties oppose each other and try to win over. However, the natural tension between both parties during the hearing had been observed, but instead of question and enquiry undertaken by defense and prosecutor lawyers to witnesses the most of the advocacy was made between judge and lawyer.

The hearing experience of a criminal court of justice has changed the initial conception about the criminal court trials and also increased practical knowledge of legal terms that was anticipated to be helpful in the essay writing service. The hearing experience of the criminal court of justice affected the perception about the criminal court trials that largely requires both defense and prosecutor advocate to present evidence based on formal investigation so that rule of law can be maintained. In addition, it affected the perception about choosing the profession of law as career because this professional attracts for thrilling and action that is imagined as the most important part of it and especially the court trial.

10/12/2017 11:25:33 AM
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