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Is it worthy to Spend on College Education?

Due to increasing student loan, it is believed that the college education is not worthy. In the USA, the cost of college education has risen from $28,950 in 2015. It does not include the price paid for an  essay writing service. People, who believe that college is worth spending on, argue that college graduate earn more than those who have not gone to college. It is said that college education helps students in learning the skills that give them an extra hand in their practical life. Here, we have covered some pros of college education in context of whether college education is worth spending on.

Pros of College Education

College Graduates Earn More than Non-Graduate

It is a fact that college students earn more than non-graduates. As of 2016, the average earning of individuals with the college diploma was around $35000. The earning of individuals with the bachelor degree was around $65,000.  Similarly, the individual with the advance degree earned around $92,000 per year. Even if you have got the degree after getting the help from  assignment writer in exams, your degree has a worth. 

      Companies Prefer Candidates with College Degrees

In the old time, degree was given more importance. Today, the same trend is followed. Many companies and employers still require and prefer the candidates with the degree. As of 2017, only 30% of job required high school diploma whereas the demand for high school diploma in 1970 was 70%. During the recession in 2007 and 2010, the requirements for college degree graduate increased by 187,000.

      College Graduates have Better Job Opportunities

In 2015, more than 80% freshman attended college so that we can learn the skills that help them in getting a good job. Similarly, in 2017, the unemployment rate of college graduates was only 2% which is low as compared to those with no college degree or college dropouts.  

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