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Digital Technologies

Question 1

To Livingston (2004), there is different category of mobiles according to their level of sophistication such as standard voice, Web-enabled, extensible and Smartphone. Standard voice mobile phone is simple mean of voice communication with SMS text facilities. Web-enabled phones, on the other hand, are composed of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) to gain access to Internet content. It can access the Internet and download software applications, while extending the functionality of mobile phone. The increasing use of mobile enabled with internet access has been estimated to reach 97% by 2008 (Forrester, 2003). Hire professional assignment help from Get Research Help.

Smartphone as a Digital Revolution  

Such internet enabled devices with hybrid of PDA are Smartphone. Smartphone is a mobile phone with ability related to advance computing and connectivity (Kenneth, 2005). A Smartphone can also be denoted as Personal Pocket Computer (PPC) with the functions of mobile phone as these devices are mainly computers, and smaller than a desktop computer while most feature phone is able to run applications such as Java ME. Thus Smartphone provides its user to install and run more advanced applications and user can run operating system software providing a platform for application software. Moreover, Smartphone is mobile device in the shape of a modern cellular phone containing all of the functions like wireless Internet radio connection and a digital storage of one terabyte. It is kind of small PC laptop with few exceptions of two major shortcomings: the display and the keyboard are tiny whereas keyboard is used as short- hand for input devices including pointing devices (Parsons& Oja, 2008). Such phones are much easier to carry than a laptop, it is easier to store data and convenient for audio/video services like music, telephony and simple video. In today’s world a mobile with such facility like multi-network phone and vast digital storage had opened up different technological environment for different set of users. Smartphone is found relatively useful for users who are poorly served by laptop that needs a surface to support; Smartphone is rather more supportive than laptop owing to portability and can be operated with two hands. People using PC not Smartphone find the combination of PC and mobile phone together in Smartphone. Such characteristic of Smartphone fits the criteria for disruptive technology (Christensen, 1997). However, phones with little memory cannot compete with the PCs and at many things PCs perform better such as 3D computer games, spreadsheet, and graphic art, yet Smartphone is effective for existing PC users.

PDA Technology

The important feature of Smartphone is the PDA technology. PDA technology has a central processing unit which determines the speed and range of its processing power (Yang, 2010). Similar to desktop processing power, the processing power of PDA is measured in mega-hertz (MHz) or giga-hertz (GHz). Such processors are widely used in mobile phones such as Nokia Smartphone (Evans, 2003).  


The memory of PDAs has not any hardware drive and therefore there is always risk of losing data present in mobile phone if battery runs down (Dhir, 2004). The memory PDAs mainly include address book, calendar, memo pad and operating system which exists in ROM chip. Thus PDA RAM memory stores the data temporary and process applications (Ilyas et al, 2006). 

Expandable Memory 

Extra or expandable memory can be plugged into PDA device such as MP3 files usually need use of such expansion. This type of devices is similar to mini credit cards with range up to 1GB of storage (Yang, 2010).

Battery Power

The battery power of PDA is rechargeable and can last for two hours to two months. PDAs device is recharged through adaptor.


Smartphone is able to access Internet using Wireless Local Area Network through a wireless connection at the speed of 54 MBs. For using wireless connection in such phone there is need of high-bandwidth radio transceiver (Black, 1996).  Wireless LAN device is currently developed on the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). 

Music and Audio

PDAs device is also able to run MP3 music files using standard 3.5mm stereo headphone plugs. Besides, there is other device that aims to aid business audience with built-in voice recorder (Ilyas et al, 2006).  

Cameras and Video

PDAs device also includes digital camera like Zire 72 provides 1.2 mega-pixel pictures and also video.  There are devices that supports the short video clips (in a variety of formats e.g. MPEG, QuickTime, AVI). 

Technology Allowing the Mobile Phones to Replace the PC

What really makes Smartphone single important digital device is its computer like functions while it is used with battery operated digital devices. Laptop personal computers, personal digital assistance (PDA) and worldwide build-out of cellular telephone infrastructure have formed mobile phones as Smartphone which includes many features of PDA and PDA developers. With considerable features shipments of Smartphone has reached 100 million units by 2007 and continue to increase at a rate faster than laptop PCs (Linsalata et al, 2004). Therefore it is forecasted that miniature computer-like devices or cell phones will become widely used device over the next decade. However, Smartphone is currently different from PC in the choosing networks as cellular phones has close networks optimized for voice and the network operator recovers hardware cost through network access charges, PCs, on the other hand, has open networks optimized for data and hardware is purchased directly by end users. The difference of network is getting reduced with the new development, while new generation of data-centric cell phone protocols and use of wireless Internet protocol phone is making Smartphone much more like PCs. In addition, merger of computer and mobile phone can be helpful in receiving inexpensive international phone calls over the Internet.

Another important issue related to Smartphone is the storage as Smartphone is not as highly competitive in memory as PCs.  However, disk storage is not the high requirement of PC users yet exponential storage density improvements created by technological advances storage technology has improved such demand. Density improvements is not anticipated to be competent like processor therefore new focus has shifted from PC storage to storage for mobile devices. Digital music players with the speed and memory have developed to 80GB. The latest technological development indicates that portable devices with terabyte capacity will be provided at consumer costs within a decade. The merger of MP3 into mobile phone has provided a single device with the ability to combine the use of two different devices. Therefore, with the drop in storage cost, there is increased cost in the combination of different devices available in single device. However, the combination has provided the consumer with the use of combination of devices but at the same time there is complexity in using two devices together because working against a combination is complexity. MP3 phone is not Smartphone with terabyte storage and single merger will not offer use models that is needed to have in future mobile devices. Thus storage can be used from outside of the mobile phone for which there would be need of user interface control over that access. This type of access can be gained using future television, or a simple computer. According to Blau (2004), analysts have forecasted a market increasingly subject by Smartphone devices as there is a very large base of mobile phone users willing to upgrade the mobile configuration.

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