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Event Proposal: Professional Meetings and Event Management

1.1 An Overview of Event

This is a strategic event proposal drafted on behalf of the Tourism Board of Singapore, with an objective to promote India to STB for the incentive planners meeting. These incentive planners, on the other hand, will help in promoting Singapore as a leading MICE and events destination to the Indian population. Online  essay writing service is helpful for learners in order to achieve their targets in academics. The country is capable of attracting large amount of revenue by utilizing the destination for the weddings (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012). Culture of India as an Asian country is also well-known for the celebrations, series of events and wide business environment all over the world. A recent trend is rerouting the Indian culture weddings as now most of the Indians make proper arrangement for this event by hiring a service of wedding planners. Similarly, out of the country weddings on exotic destinations are also becoming very popular, evidence of which can be seen gauged from cornering of big fat India market by Thailand and U. S. One of the most significant elements that will never make this proposal a wastage or loss is the lavish spending by the Indians on their weddings rather than any other event. Therefore, main focus of the incentive planners meeting would be to promote Singapore as a striking, peaceful and relaxing destination surrounded by natural beauty for the successful arrangements of Indian weddings. 


1.2 Feasibility Study

This part of the proposal forms the base for the development of the strategic plan to convince STB for giving approval to the Indian incentive planners meeting. Get  help with assignment by experienced assignment writers. SWOT analysis helps in making identification of the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the targeted customers i.e. Indian population.

1.2.1SWOT Analysis


  • Fact sheet from the Singapore Convention and Exhibition Directory, 2010-201l, reveal that the Singapore reports for approximately twenty five percent of the business tourism in the continent of Asia specifically from India (Page& Connell, 2006).
  • Indians travel more often in context of the business, education, employment or for the pleasure.
  • India is a country representative of different religions like Hindu, Muslims, Christains, Jains and others. The diverse cultures are more profitable for a tourism organization.
  • Unlike western culture, average period of Indian weddings is three to five nights with an average of 200 to 5000 guests, which a striking aspect to make huge profits by capturing India.     
  • Additionally, on annual basis six thousands events are conducted here among which major events are arranged by Indian clients, resulting in arrangement of thousands of visits by the Indian population.
  • The culture of India promotes heavy spending on the wedding as it is considered as the most important occasion that comes once in a life. Most of the population spent half of their life earnings on these wedding ceremonies (Yeoman, 2012).                


  • The biggest weaknesses in attracting Indians the relatively very high cost of MICE industry in Singapore as compared to other Asian destinations like China, India itself and others. The credit goes to the fact that Indian currency is more than 40 times devalued than Singaporean dollar i.e. 1 Singaporean dollar= 43.76 Indian rupee. 
  • Several destinations in the country are similar to the other low cost Asian destinations.
  • A small portion of Indians are found attractive towards the national locations for arrangement of their wedding ceremonies to make them a memory. (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012).     


  • Proximity between both the countries is one of the most beneficial aspects that would surely increase the chances of event success by attracting large Indian customers (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012).
  • Moreover, stable political and economical conditions of India also highlights upon the initiative taken by the government of the country to help their population in celebrating special occasions without any threat (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012).       


  • Emergence of Thailand as an inspiring tourist destination can impose threats to the success of this event. It can be evident that the country is only a four-hour flight from Delhi and Mumbai. Prices offered are also very cheap as Thai currency (bhat) is similar to the Indian rupee (Choudhury, 2013).  


Hence, from the above SWOT analysis of the proposal to conduct event for incentive planners of India, the opportunity appears to be effective and beneficial. In context of politics, Singaporean government agencies also contribute highly in promotion of MICE industry all around the globe specifically in Asia. Hire  dissertation writer online for well resourced dissertation paper.  Country’s economy is also vibrant enjoying a high GDP growth along with a world class technological growth. The next part of the proposal presents a draft organizational structure of the event proposal (Eveland, 2011).         

Strategic planning as stated below in detail covering different areas will be strictly considered in order make the event successful.

1.3 Organizational Structure

Organizational structure is relatively very important for the purpose of understanding the hierarchy of personnel that would be involved in the event as the key organizers and leaders. The organizational structure of the meeting and recreational activities event would include following chain of command (Page& Connell, 2006). Ask professional writing company to  write my thesis. Chairman and board of director from the Tourism Board of Singapore will be responsible for leading the event in strategic manner to assure that the event is successfully conducted as per planning. It must be noted that planning for the MICE event requires proper organization of activities. Therefore, different departments would be developed for the management of activities related with their category (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012). These would include;


  • Finance department responsible for the fund raising, sponsorships, budget and controlling activities,
  • Marketing department responsible for the development of market plan, research, selecting themes and drafting ticketing process,      
  • Administration department responsible for the preparation of secretarial reports, documentation and maintaining records of supplies and resources
  • Personnel department managing the supply of volunteers and employees
  • Program department with the duty of developing and designing the entertainment and event activities
  • Operation department responsible for deciding about the venues, equipment, security, parking and hospitality      


                                                                            Figure 1: Organization Structure

1.4 Strategic Plan

In this part of the proposal, strategic direction set for the purpose of the successful accomplishment of the incentive planner event is discussed in detail.  Online coursework help by qualified writers is available in affordable rates. Strategic plan will assure the definition of the strategy along with the allocation of resources on need basis in front of STB relating to each and every activity of the proposed event (Garrod& Wanhill, 2012). The event will target 1000 Indian incentive planners capable of transforming the Singapore story to the Indian middle class market.      

1.4.1 Event Theme, Concept and Design

  • Theme represents a large potential for attracting the attention of the targeted audience. For the purpose of this incentive planner meeting, the theme selected is“Move to the Beat - Explore Singapore with Every Beat”.
  • The reason behind selection of this particular theme was to set an Indian rhythm for three days event i.e. 15th to 17th August 2013 with a group of energetic eastern drummers capable of electrifying the entire event from its initiation till the end.
  • It must be noted that the aim behind the event is to not only to convince Indian incentive planners to promote Singapore as a MICE destination in India but also to generate creative ideas from their views and knowledge about Indian population and their interest and preferences in out of the country wedding.
  • Therefore, the beats and music selection will be informal reflecting wedding beats and passionate soft music (meHK, 2012). The participants would place their performance as spectacular and skilled.

The entire event will be set according to different themes in the three days event. Themes for different days are given below:

  • 15th August 2013 - Organize Your Special Life Occasion– Cost Effectively
  • 16th August 2013– Share your Emotional Moments– Plan Your Wedding with Us
  • 17th August 2013- Make you wedding memorable in Singapore

1.4.2 Event Plan and Production Schedule

Following part of the proposal presents a highlight upon the production schedule consisting different activities of the event.

List of Activities

Production Schedule

Registration of Participants 

1st August 2013

Arrangement of Hotels for Visitors 

2 nd August 2013

Finalizing List

3rd August 2013

Sending Invitations to selected ones

4th August 2013

Setting Up Event Location   

12th August 2013

Guest Arrival

15th August 2013

Opening ceremonies

15thAugust 2013

Speech from Chairman

15th,16th and 17th August 2013

Informal initiation of Event according to set theme of the day

15th,16th and 17th August 2013

Recreational scripts and fun activities

15th,16th and 17th August 2013

Breaks for Tea and Food

15th,16th and 17th August 2013

Closing Ceremonies

17th August 2013

  1.4.3 Program Schedule for Planners

Order Event Management Proposal   


Complete List of activities including guest arrival, registration and closing ceremony is listed in‘event plan and production table’, in Program Schedule; activities related to ceremony are enlisted only.



15th August 2013, Thursday– Opening Ceremony

09:00 am

Welcome Speech from chairman to planners

09:30 am

Presentation about Singapore, salient features of this country, portfolio of the company, wedding themes according to India’s different cities wedding styles featuring Punjabi, Hyderabadi, Guajarati, lakhnawi etc.

01:00 pm

Lunch serving from different vendors famous for traditional Indian food

02:00 pm

Tea and other drinks served in Indian style

02:30 pm

Flyers and Brochures distribution about range of services including; Food, decoration, costumes, drinks, vehicles, jewels etc. etc.   

03:00 pm

Ramp show by models in Indian dresses and jewelry with a little Singaporean touch.

06:00 pm

Refreshment served and closing for the day

07:00 pm

Musical show arrangement featuring singers for Indian music in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi languages. Serving of Different kind of drinks inclusive of juices, hard and soft drinks from different suppliers will be presented. 

16th August 2012, Friday

09:00 am

Morning Speech from chairman and brief about today’s activities

09:30 am

Presentation about Services and Service providers (brochures were already distributed yesterday)

01:00 pm

Lunch serving from different vendors featuring Indian food as well as Singapore specialties

02:00 pm

Refreshments served along with brochures of Wedding themes and different hotels in Singapore

04:00 pm

Few Jewels, Invitation cards, furniture, lights, crockery and other important elements in a wedding show will be placed on site as sample for planners to view. Trainers will be guiding the planners about details of products along with cost.      

07:00 pm

Refreshment served and closing for the day

17th August 2012, Saturday

09:00 am

Morning Speech from chairman and brief about today’s activities

09:30 am

Presentation about hotels and open location for Wedding, description about complete proceeding of wedding ceremony.

10:00 am

Wedding Packages flyers/Brochures distribution and brief

01:00 pm

Lunch serving from different vendors featuring Singaporean and Indian food

02:00 pm

Refreshments served

02:30 pm

Planners will be taken for survey of 2-3 selected restaurants survey      

06:00 pm

Site Survey for open locations available for wedding

08:00 pm

Traditional Indian Dinner with drinks served at some open location 


1.4.4 Evaluation of Required Resources

In order to carry out the entire project in accordance with the set and expected structure, the resources required will include financial resources, botanical gardens of the Singapore and human resources need to execute the entire plan as expected.    

1.4.5 Event Marketing Plan

For the promotion of any event, it is very necessary to initiate the event according to the set marketing plan. Pay for  research paper online. Marketing plan helps in deciding about the suitable location, cost efficient services, and efficient communication tool.


Products for the purpose of this event are the services and material given to the incentive planners indicating the potentials of Singapore in hosting events. Food items of different sponsoring brands will also be arranged according to Indian traditional themes.  Buy copywriting service from experienced anf qualified writers. Participants will also be given promotional videos covering the maximum Singaporean destinations.


  • Best ideas from the destination meetings are encountered when it permits participants to come out of the corporate business environment and initiate their thinking process in a freely manner.
  • Attractive venue is capable of bringing forth the desired ideas. The venue selected for the purpose of this event is one of the Botanical gardens of Singapore i.e.“The National Orchid Garden” located in the mid-western side.
  • The selected location comes under the main attraction within the Botanic Gardens, where the participants would surely enjoy the natural environment and cool atmosphere, thereby changing their hard moods into the streaming smooth one (Eveland, 2011).
  • An area of 750 sq. meters will be arranged with U-shaped arrangements for the ease of communication. 


Total budget of the event is very vital in the process of making bid an attracting and capable of acceptance. 





Site arrangements



Seating arrangements



Tea and Food items



Recreational activities



Arrangement of accommodation for visitors (apart from the amount charged by customers)



Promotional Campaigns


Bid for Total Budget of the Project


Rates of items and accommodation for guest are decided after the strict consideration of the customers’ affordability and through proper negotiation process.


  • Flyers and printed materials having brand names of Singaporean products, hotels, and airline and leisure places is used to encourage more and more incentive planners to come and register themselves for the event after identifying the vast potentials of this opportunity resulting in the profit for them too (Eveland, 2011)
  • Incentives available to the event planners are themselves capable of formulating their perceptions. In order to convince incentive planners to promote Singapore for Indian wedding, an attractive package will be offered to them. Each of the participants will be given a 25% share in the profits earned by the STB from a single wedding ceremony arranged by Indian people.       
  • In this event, the original message and the objectives both will be transferred to the Indian incentive planners through e-marketing techniques, sales promotion, and advertising through banners (Lockyer, 2007).                   

1.4.6 Sponsorship Proposals

For assisting out the India visitors with respect to the event planning as per their individual requirements, following key players of MICE industry in Singapore have shown their interest in sponsoring the entire plan for the ease and benefit of the customers (Yeoman, 2012). The list of sponsors includes:

  • Board of Tourism in Singapore
  • Convention Industry Associations
  • Singapore Airline (SIA)
  • Fairmont Hotels and Resorts 
  • Raffles Hotels and Resorts
  • Swissotel Hotels and Resort
  • Sainsbury Retailers
  • Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) for gaining entertainment license 
  •  Horizon Music Entertainment Pte Ltd
  • Zara, Fashion and Trendy clothing retailers  

1.4.7 Risk Assessment and Management Plan   

Risk assessment is also a vital part in the proposal planning process of an event. Authorities should consider the unexpected situations, elements and circumstances that might result in the failure of the proposal.

  • Disaster recovery plan to prevent participants and their property from the natural and manmade disasters in the venue like fire, or utility failure have been drafted (Lockyer, 2007).
  • Fire and water resistant material will be used for the entire event.
  • 150 Volunteers are trained with respect to the first aid procedure that will be required in case of occurrence of an unexpected event (Eveland, 2011).
  • Assurance is made in advance with respect to hygienic food, sanitation, social disturbance in the country, and accidents.
  • Crowd management will be assigned to a specific department responsible for minimizing every slight chance of accidents from the crowd flow during and after the event. Emergency exit are also focused in order to prevent any human life loss caused by unexpected incident (Lockyer, 2007).

It is expected that the event will be an opportunity for STB to indirectly capture millions of India customers to arrange weddings in Singapore only juts by focusing on 1000 incentive planners. On the other hand, it is also very beneficial for the players of MICE industry Singapore along with the other associated participants to support the event management of the Indian population to capture the region.      


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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