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Nursing Classification System

In spite of remarkable changes to nursing practice in last decade, certain standardized process remained unchanged. However, these practices are consistently challenged due to changes in the trend of nursing practice. Domain of nursing is receiving considerable autonomy, but evidences point out that certain widely used conventional and practiced customs are highlighted having clinically little value owing to irregularity as well as unreliability of the dimension (Nursing Terminologies, 2011). Get online  coursework writing service

Nursing classification that have been developed and created to code and classify the nursing process along with six steps suggested assessment, diagnosis, recognition of outcomes, planning intervention, execution and evaluation. It further extended to incorporate the terminologies domains such as diagnosis, interventions, outcomes and goals. On bright side, the classification system in the nursing practice has served the field in terms of classifying and identifying different stages of the nursing process. On the dark side, changes and incorporation of new ideas into the field of nursing has demanded to change these standards by adding or expanding the areas of classification (Bakken, 2001). 


People who support these classifications and terminologies or taxonomy mostly argue that incorporation of such standard provides convenience for the practitioners in terms of pursuing the appropriate nursing practice. It is argued that these classifications are indispensable; however, they are not sufficient to elaborate or represent the undertakings of nurses. These arguments suggest including further areas of nursing practice to comprehensively define the undertakings and workings of nurses in their domains (Saba, 2006). 

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