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Privacy Policy

GetResearchHelp.com has the highest regards for the privacy of its clients. That is why it has thoroughly protected the confidentiality of its clients through a detailed‘Privacy Policy’. We give utmost priority in protecting your privacy and make sure to keep it 100% secure and highly- discrete. Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to read and review our‘Privacy Policy’ given below:


It is to be informed that the Privacy Policy is a legal document devised to provide information about the private information of our company and clients. It is our earnest request all whizz through this page.

Personal Information

To initiate when registering, placing an order, or subscribing to our newsletter; you submit information such as name, email and phone number(s). All personal data is stored for a temporary period, until your order is delivered to you.

Usage of your Personal Information

We use the information for the sole purpose of communication for your order related matters as well as for information about new services, discount offers, and bonus packages. We fully assure you that the said information has access only to our authorized employees.

Online Information

We track all the cookies and IP address of the visitors. This empowers us to improve the performance of our pages and make surfing better as well as fast for our visitors.

Disclosing information to third-parties

We think it is our job to inform you that we may use your information for the improvement of our website content, the modification of content, marketing and research purposes, and for other interests or behavior and to provide updated information for direct marketing. We believe that you are completely interested in all the products or services of our acquaintances. We use the secure SSL technology to make your information safe, secure from all types of online threats. This means that we do not disclose your personal information to anyone who is not authorized.

Your Rights

You have sole right over any personal information submitted by you to us. At the time of collection of such data, we assure you of the privacy thereof. The complete security of your data is our prime responsibility. In addition, our website may contain certain links to our associates or partners. The customers must bear in mind that these websites or links have own Privacy Policy and terms. If you choose to access these additional links, please read their respective privacy policy beforehand. We will not be responsible for any liability that results from your move.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We hold the absolute right to amend the privacy policy at any time. The updating information will be notified on our website. You may contact us in case you have any doubt(s) about the Privacy Policy. Our team is ready to help you with the desired results. This Privacy Policy was last updated; TODAY!

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